Now Available on Windows Phone Store: Sudoku Unlimited!


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Sudoku Unlimited is not another average Sudoku app, because it has some features integrated that the other ones don’t have. If you are looking for a wonderful brain workout, Sudoku Unlimited is the right thing for you! This app contains an almost unlimited number of classic 9x9 Sudoku puzzles in five difficulty settings. But the best thing is that you can test your Sudoku skills against other players in the world, because Sudoku Unlimited also offers time based online leader boards for each difficulty level!


- An almost unlimited number of 9x9 Sudoku puzzles with a unique solution

- Time based online leader boards for each difficulty level

- 15 free selectable backgrounds

- Streamlined and intuitive user interface

- Save/continue function + the game automatically saves when interrupted

- Error checking function

- Free hint placement or random hint placement

- Sound effects, which could also be deactivated

- Option for limited or unlimited hints


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